Educate Me: Surviving and Thriving in Graduate School

Educate Me, hosted by Brit Paris, is a podcast all about surviving and thriving in graduate school. Each week we talk with a graduate about their experiences in graduate school, their greatest challenges, and how they overcame them.

This week I speak with Dr. Molly Kingsley, a Post-Doctoral Scholar at Tufts University in Boston who identifies as bisexual and is married to a woman. She recently completed her PhD in molecular biology at the University of Colorado. We discuss the challenge of moving across the country in the middle of her PhD, which resulted in significant feelings of isolation.

My guest this week is Dr. Tony Cliffe, Senior Lecturer and Assessment Officer at the University of Chester. We chat about how he finished his PhD undertime by setting boundaries, treating his PhD like a job, and learning to say no.

This week I chat with Dr. Krishana Sankar, a recent graduate of the Department of Physiology and Experimental Medicine at the University of Toronto. Krishana is also the creator of the online graduate student community, Grad Write Slack. We chat about overcoming isolation, dealing with competition, and defending her dissertation on Zoom.

My guest this week is Erik Fraunberger, PhD candidate in Neuroscience at the University of Calgary. We chat about conducting research on rats, overcoming burnout, and managing time whether working in the lab or working from home.

This week's guest is Connor Shiggins, a PhD researcher in glaciology at the University of Liverpool. We chat about doing a PhD in the UK, working from home, and taking on the challenge of learning new skill sets.

My guest this week is Heather Woods, a PhD Candidate in Education researching social emotional learning. We chat about how she changed her research project in response to different barriers and staying organized.

This week I'm talking with Samiha Mohsen, a Master's student in the Community Health Sciences Program at the University of Calgary. We talk about being an international student, living on campus, and balancing grad school with the busy schedule of a student-athlete.

This week I'm talking with Catie Sevigny, a PhD Candidate in tumor biology at George Town University in Washington D.C. We talk about navigating the application process, working from home, and getting past getting scooped.

Hey everyone, I’m Brit and welcome to Educate Me! A podcast all about surviving and thriving in grad school. Each week we’ll talk with a graduate about their experiences, the challenges they faced and how they overcame them.